We would love to hear what YOU think about our products.  Here's what others are saying.

Just thought that I would let you know that I have eaten a lot of granola for breakfast and yours is definitely the best!!    - Mary Ann D., Cornwall, Ont.

Holy mother of goodness! That was the best granola I've ever had. If you think I'm a great baker, then I got myself some competition. You my dear are an amazing baker.  - Michelle, at Arielle's Sweet Tooth Bakery

Here's a link to the Victoria Celiac Newsletter, which published a review of the granola and bars.  http://www.victoriaceliac.org/images/uploads/58/feb-march-2015.pdf  See page 10.

"my tummy is pretty much flat this morning, despite me eating filet mignon and carbs yesterday.  I'm doing just fine - i think it's because of the granola."            - Karen O, Vancouver, BC

We met at the expo over the weekend and I bought your granola.  It is absolutely delicious and of course I HAVE no stomach pains after eating it!!     - Paymaneh R, Coquitlam, BC

ps - your granola bars are delicious! so crunchy right out of the freezer. yum!   - Karen O. Vancouver, BC

I love your granola.  My tummy and GI tract love it too. - Nancy C., Surrey, BC

My stomach felt good, and it (granola) didn't rise up again like a lot of my food does.  i really really love your granola.  I felt strong all day.                        - Kathy B., North Vancouver, BC

I have your granola every morning with plain yogurt and a banana.  it rolls me out the door, and I'm good 'til noon.   - Robert B., Winnipeg, MB

Your bars are very satisfying, and not too sweet.   - Marney J., Vancouver






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